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    hi guys, I wanted to make a thread to share some of my poetry. i dont claim to be good or anything, i just like writing things in my spare time. thank you for passing by! ^_^


    Moonlight, moonlight, shine down on me,
    So gentle and beautiful to see.
    Silver beams cover all on this quiet night,
    Soft and sweet, you are my only true light.

    High in the sky, you smile on us all,
    How sad it is, when you must fall.
    Sunlight only burns and blinds,
    But the sweet moonlight, no one minds.

    Moonlight, moonlight, when will you come again?
    Cruel rays of brightness, bring only pain.
    The night is my friend, the Moon is my guide,
    Its light beckons me to come outside.

    While others sleep the night away,
    Under the silver beams I lay.
    Such beauty to be admired,
    In this light I feel inspired.

    Moonlight, moonlight, I can only wait,
    I sleep through daylight, escaping the Sun's hate.
    My eyes open, darkness returned at last,
    How I only wish, the night never passed.

    In this light, I am born anew,
    Yet morning comes again, I must bid you adieu.
    I'll see you again when the sky is night,
    Farewell for now, my beloved moonlight.

    Unrequited Love

    I see your smile in the pale moonlight,
    Yet my tears shine in the starlight.
    Clutching my chest I cry out to you,
    But my calls fall upon deaf ears.

    From the shadows I watch you,
    Day in, day out...
    Praying for you to hear my whispers;
    There is only silence.

    This heart grows heavier with each passing moment,
    How can I express my feelings?
    I grow wings when you look my way,
    Yet you look past me, as if I am a ghost.

    With watery eyes I try to speak,
    But there are no words to be heard.
    Pressing upon a glass wall,
    I cannot touch the world beyond.

    My voice echoes in the cold night,
    You feel a chill but go on your way.
    Invisible footsteps following you,
    But it can never be...

    I am fading to nothing,
    Like snow melting in the sunlight.
    This soul burns dimly,
    A tired candlelight.

    Now I realize, lost memories;
    Once I lived and sought you,
    Yet even alive you could not see.
    How I longed for your embrace...

    Even then you looked away from me...
    There was another who had taken you.
    My heart welled with sadness,
    What more was left to do?

    Left alone, the chilly whispers of Death beckoned;
    Wandered, chasing a ghastly voice,
    Slipped over an icy ledge,
    Fallen, lost forever -- forgotten by the breathing world.

    How I wish I could have felt your warmth,
    Just once, just once...
    But you were always out of my reach;
    Now, there are only frosty tears.

    Pale hands on your window,
    I see you smiling at her.
    Spirit withering away,
    But suddenly you looked my way...

    It was too late to whisper,
    Too late to cry.
    How I wish you would have known,
    What your smile once meant to me.


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