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    At the moment you can edit:
    • Trainer types
    • Trainers
    • Items - (External Editor only)
    • Map connections
    • Encounters
    • Global and map-specific metadata
    I'm thinking of adding ways to edit:
    • Pokémon species - (already doing it)
    • Regional Dex lists - (only the species therein, not the Dex names; possibly also National Dex numbers but that might be too much hassle)
    • Moves
    • TM compatibilities
    The things I'm not planning to do anything about (because it's not worth the effort and/or the PBS file is easy enough to edit directly anyway) are:
    • Types
    • Abilities
    • Shadow moves
    • Phone messages
    • Town map point details - (townmapgen.html file already does this)
    • The various Battle Tower/Challenge Cup files
    I think that covers everything. Comments?

    Originally Posted by FL . View Post
    Maruno backs to Essentials, weee!

    I only used the editor for repositioning sprites (aside for quick looks). I suggest you showing sprites and icons when possible, in pokémon encounters for example.

    An idea: For trainers, when defining the party, how about showing the moves that the pokémon get by default? Several times I need to look at the pokemon.txt to see some default moves.
    Icons/sprites all over the place would be very difficult.

    Good suggestion about filling in the moves in, though. When the game/Editor saves a fresh version of trainers.txt, the moves are filled in anyway, so they might as well be visible immediately. If the Pokémon's level is changed, I can add in a prompt which refreshes the movelist. The only shortcoming here would be that form-specific movesets aren't accounted for, but that's a minor thing that can be ignored.

    Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
    In my project, I'm listing Pokemon in a specific order (I have an entire regional dex planned out), but I'm actually adding them on an "as-needed" basis. For example, everything up to 102 is added, abut some Pok¹mon that can't be caught until later in the game appear earlier, so the Pokédex order goes from like 101,102,123.

    Will this be able to manage that properly?
    Gaps in a Regional Dex simply look like unseen species, so there's no problem there anyway. I've just finished making changes to the scripts which should allow gaps in the National Dex (i.e. missing numbers in pokemon.txt) to work properly. Basically, come v12 you'll be able to give Pokémon whatever numbers you want without worry.

    Plus there's also the Regional Dex Editor idea, which I'm still figuring out how it should work.
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