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    Name: Blaquaza
    Position: Mapper and Writer
    Strengths: Mapping
    Past Experience: Not any public experiences, apart from the Pokémon Topaz thread in Game Development which I only posted a couple of minutes ago.
    Examples: That thread I mentioned earlier in Game Development. The map is in FR\LG style, though.
    Timezone: (GMT+-0) Although the clocks go forward tonight so +1 I guess.
    Activity: Usually around 3-5 hours a day, although it's half terms so around 6-12 hours a day until the 15th.
    Contact Methods: PM, VM, SEGA Forums or PokéStadium Forums (The two places I'll be if I'm not here; I'm called Blaquaza at both of those Forums).

    Here's an example of my writing in the form of a TV show that you'd see when you press A on a TV:

    Announcer: Nice to see you, to see you, nice! This is the 'Name Those Lyrics' show! This game is simple; my assistant will read out some lyrics, and you will have to work out what they are, are you ready?
    Assistant: 'Rolling around at the speed of sound, got places to go, got to follow my rainbow'.
    Announcer: Have you got it yet? Well, the answer was 'Escape from the City' by Crush 40. And the first round is over! Stay tuned for more songs, and more lyrics!

    If you can get who I was referencing by the announcer's first line you'll get a free e-cookie.