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    We all know that mountain tiles have a specific corner piece, which allows you to make a continuous connection with a mountain or hill. If you don't know what I'm talking about this picture shall explain (take note of the circled red areas in the upper right mountain).

    Now you see what I mean? In my tileset, which is the exact same tileset as this person has, it's just mine is using a different palette, he was able to make that continuous connection with tiles that I cannot find. Mainly because the way these new mountain tiles work are little daunting to work with, seeing as that they are A LOT DIFFERENT! This is the tileset that he is using as well as I myself:

    Again, I can't seem to find where the tiles he was using were located, or if I am insanely stupid with these newly fangled mountain tiles, that possess the illusion of 3-D. Just as a reference so you know what new re-sized resolutions I am using for these specific mountain tiles, they can be observed here (You might need to zoom in, and observe the red circled areas):

    I could really appreciate someone helping me with this and show me what tiles correspond with what tiles in this set, because this is incredibly confusing.
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