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Valorie Ryder - Zayne Alta's Classroom
But she totally has all day to wait for Valorie's RPer to post. Am I right?? Valorie seemed to be lazily daydreaming about something, oblivious to the world around her. To put it bluntly she looked bored at the moment, her golden blonde hair on the verge of obscuring her vision as a result of her lack of a will to fix it. She nearly jumped in her seat as a snivy took the leisure of hopping up in front of her however, startling her and grabbing her attention immediately. Now... what was this?

...A wild Snivy appeared!

Valorie blinked several times as the small pokemon seemed to attempt to get her attention. How strange that a snivy that was clearly wild and not something she had once smuggled into a major corporation's building would present itself to her so readily and practically demand her attention in a non-violent manner. I mean, she had no idea what the thing was saying, but it's body language said enough. It wanted /something/ from her.

"..." A moment's hesitation, and she reached into her satchel in a mildly cautious manner before pulling out a small poketreat--Miniature sized, as to be appropriate for Thyme. She then offered Thyme the pokemon treat. "Hey..!" she greeted the pokemon in a somewhat friendly tone, now more fully awake with this turn of events. Regardless of whether Thyme accepted the treat she would then pull out a pokeball and hold it out towards Thyme in a rather casual manner. "Would you like to come with me?" she asked, suddenly rather cheery. Apparently, she had promptly assumed that Thyme was here because she wanted Valorie to be her trainer. Perhaps if Thyme wore a funny hat all the time she'd be easier to discriminate from other snivy without her trainer around.

Hilda - Community Service & Vigilantism
Hilda observed the show of hands. Honestly? She was slightly surprised that the class opted for going on a manhunt after a known and dangerous criminal rather than a detective run on Team Rocket's intrusion into The Academy's fairs. Professor Oak probably wouldn't like this. Everyday not spent making sure Team Rocket wasn't totally infiltrating them was a day wasted, or something. She personally didn't quite see it his way however, and reluctantly disregarded his opinion. For a moment she was silent, smiling at the class in a pleased manner. "...I think you made the right choice." she stated in response, almost relieved. "There's no time more important for there to be vigilantes then when the authorities themselves have given up." she said, seeming to remember something as she spoke. Once she regained her focus she turned and started zipping up her backpack. "Let's get started." she said as she finished zipping the bag up and slipping it on. "Make sure you have all your things, your pokemon are fully healed, and you've got a pokemon to ride there. We'll be traveling by the ground. If you don't have a pokemon big enough to ride there, ask around for someone who can carry more than one." she explained, drawing one of her own pokeballs. "I'll help carry anyone extra myself. Let's head out to the main entrance--We'll discuss more about what we're looking for and what we're up against once we've started moving." she finished, before quickly moving towards the door of the classroom and beckoning the studdents present with one hand.

"...This isn't a short class." she added in as a last minute thought to no one in particular, foreshadowing exactly how serious things were about to get. Without further ado, she would make her way out to the entrance of the school at a rather normal pace. There was no rush--For now. That would have to wait until they were outside. Ze B button--Eet does nozing!

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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