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    Sage Smith

    Sage yawned and stretched waking up to the suns rays hitting his face. He was moving slowly but upon looking at the clock he jumped out of bed. "I'm running late" he muttered rushing through his morning routine to get ready. quick breakfast, then to set up my classroom for the day he thought as he brushed his blonde hair flat. With a final check in the mirror he nodded, approving of his look for the day. Grabbing his bag he left his quarters and walked at a brisk pace towards the cafeteria. He made it there within minutes and entered the line in the cafeteria grabbing a mug of coffee and an apple. Paying for his food Sage made his way towards his classroom. As he entered he saw a girl about 11 years old siting at a desk.

    "Good morning" he said kindly sitting at his desk and taking a bit of his apple. "class will start once everyone gets here"

    Genevieve Molyneux

    Genevieve sighed as she brushed her pink hair out of her face. She felt better today, but still had sadness inside but she was dealing. She had been up for awhile reading before making her way to the cafeteria book in hand and her bag on her shoulder. Buying a small breakfast of cereal and juice she sat down at an empty table and dug into her meal. She'd eat and then make her way to class Pokemon Legend Studies after a bit. She'd try her best not to think of the previous day, she wanted today to be a good one.

    Rosalyn Smith

    Rosalyn smiled as she gracefully moved the brush across the canvas while looking at Eris. "Just a few more minutes girl" she smiled brushing a hand across her forehead giggling as she knew she got paint on herself. It was no big deal she was used to it, after all she was an artist after all. A few minutes later she set down the paintbrush and grinned. "Great Eris, all done" she looked at her Fennekin, "let me get ready and we'll go to breakfast." she said cleaning up her art supplies. Entering the bathroom she emerged 20 minutes later cleaned up and fully dressed. "lets go Eris" she said happily leaving her room with her Pokemon at her heels. Making her way towards the cafeteria she got eggs and milk, spending the last of her money on breakfast. Looking around she saw two boys sitting together one in a blue Suicune jacket, the other in a red jacket like hers, though she currently had hers on her arm. "Can I join you?" she asked them smiling as Eris stopped right in front of her.

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