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    lol, I'm going to have to be careful about giving out info on my team in the future, you'll know exactly how to combat it xD jk. I'm going to start looking for sidequests now :D

    Quick questions:
    Is there a secret passage way in this Wasteland to get to the other side where that rock is in that one small building near the train? I've already tried looking for it outside the city near it.(slums, alley, and other entrance to underground).
    Why do I get the feeling there's a Garbodor strapped to one of the machines in this Wasteland?
    Will the problems around Reborn ever be fixed or are they remain to add more to plot/scene of the story?(toxic water, fissures, the trash land, etc.) Idk, something to show progression, admittedly the heroes are on a losing streak right now.

    *Suggestion- Florina (i.e. Flobot, super genius) finds away to recover and use one of Pulse Machines(?) to fix the problems around Reborn. Maybe uses her Cradily or something to fix the vine infestation that still holds that one small city/town swarming with bugs. (most of those Pokemon already exist in the forest next to it anyway)
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