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    Originally Posted by robin22gongon View Post
    Yep tried it on a clean rom, inserted a tileset worth 2056 bytes and help system got ditched. And yeah it works on a clean FR Rom.

    Here's what I did. Download the attachments and apply it to a clean FR rom.

    Scripting question again. A sample starter script that doesn't involve the rival. All I can manage to do is the "Do you like Bulabasaur? No. Do you like Squirtle? No. Do you like Charmander? Yes. Here you go. I'm only allowed to give you 1 Pokemon." That.
    Well, you could create a multichoice box and use that, or do something simillar to the five houses where there are 3 balls you pick up one and it shows you the starter. You can say no and look at another one, but as soon as you say yes, it sets the var so that you can't see the other ones and it gives you the pokemon.

    Edit: I looked at your patch, and this was not just a bootscreen insert. You also removed the titlescreen and intro. Those could deffinately have had something to do with it.

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