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    I'm so high, I can hear heaven.
    I'm so high, I can hear heaven, oh but heaven, whoa heaven don't hear me.
    And they say that a hero can save us, i'm not gonna stand here and wait.
    I'll hold on to the wings of the eagles, watch as we all fly away."

    Nickelback Ftw!

    Interesting question, there! With an honestly dark answer from me.

    I look at the situation and decide a few things.

    ~Would letting the event transpire end in lose of life and or limb?
    ~If so, how would it affect their kin and those around them?
    ~Do they have it coming?
    (I, you see, am a strong supporter of poetic justice)
    ~If not, would they stand to gain from the experience?
    (A hard teacher experience may be, but you never forget it's lessons.)
    ~Would they be able to withstand it, emotionally, mentally, physically?
    ~And finally, selfish reasons.

    If I don't know you and can see your life in jeopordy, then I will move to save it.
    If I do know you, it depends entirerly on the situation.

    {Never and Forever}

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