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    Klaus looked around as he took his first steps onto the Lethia region. He surveyed the town to mark in his mind where the poke mart and hotel were, knowing he would be visiting both frequently whenever he was in town (though he didn't know how often he would be). Heading to the poke mart, Klaus took the Survival Guide, Lethia's Herbs and Roots book, and some super and hyper potions. He also took a few poke balls just in case, though he didn't expect to be catching very many Pokemon out here. He still wasn't sure of the area all that much, and needed to adjust to the new terrain.
    Knowing he would need to conserve his energy for this competition, Klaus went to the hotel. He felt exhausted after the long boat ride and wanted to think over his plans. Seeing how packed the hotel was, Klaus made sure that the following day he would start asking questions about the details of Lethia. He would've started immediately but he wasn't in the mood to do anything but sleep.
    Klaus was led to his room by an attendant. He layed down on the comfortable bed, and began to relax. Unfortunately, he knew he wouldn't be able to let Venus out of her poke ball. Venus was Klaus' first Pokemon. He got her when he was only a young boy. He had gotten lost in some tall grass near his hometown (Goldenrod City), and some menacing kids were bullying him. Venus came out from the grass, and transformed herself into one of the bullies' growlithe, and chased them off. Her transformation peaked his interest and inspired him to begin training to become a Pokemon Professor.
    "I'm sorry Venus," Klaus said, taking out his pokeball, "I know you'd rather me talk in person but I can't let you out right now. Tomorrow starts our new adventure, let's make it count. This could get me what I dream for most in life.... Goodnight Venus, and everyone else." Klaus put away his pokeballs, and turned over in his bed. Not being one to show such sentiment often, he preferred to do it while his Pokemon weren't restricted. I hope we're ready for this, Klaus thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

    Klaus hurried downstairs immediately upon waking up. He wanted to begin his journey as soon as possible, but knew to talk to the trainers around the lobby, in order to gather information.
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