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Okay guys, it's March 30 and the week is up! This means that you may no longer discuss "A Call For Brotherly Love" in this thread. There is a review thread set up if you wish to make additional comments about the episode or even compose responses to others. If you have missed the deadline and still wanted to put in your two cents, you should also go to the review thread! Or even if you haven't watched the episode yet but plan on doing so- remember: review thread!

"A Call For Brotherly Love!" Review Thread

Now, this week's episode! From March 31 to April 6, we will be watching The Fortune Hunters! It's an early Johto episode that involves some Rocket schemes and Pokémon fortune-telling. That there is a link to the Bulba article; beware of spoilers if you're that type of person. Go on and watch it! Remember that I can also provide solutions for you if you can not find a way to watch the episode.
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