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    Hello all, been ages since I came around here but anyway a friend of mine encouraged me to get back "on the scene" as some might say.

    "Back in the day" I was one of the more well known programmers/game developers on the Game Maker Community forums developing accurate Pokemon Engines, my friends Jext and Game Fortress who were also widely known and accomplished people developed JextEngine and Pokemon Twilight respectively, I haven't heard peep from either of them sadly for some time.

    I am known (or not) to be the lead programmer and developer behind Project Palladium (formerly Project Platinum) a GSC remake in FRLG style graphics. To date I believe both myself and Game Fortress are the only people to have managed to make a pokemone engine from scratch and populate the game world all the way up to the second gym, including many core features of the original games, though don't quote me as I haven't been around for some time.

    Now what I am about to present to you are alpha engine screenshots of my latest iteration of the Pokemon engine, developed in Game Maker 8.1 (GML) though I've been considering porting it to C++ with OpenGL as the graphics API for some time as those are my language and API of choice.


    I'm afraid you will have to click into the Imgur gallery, I lack the sufficient image manipulation tools to be able to stitch all the images together for forum format.

    Currently the engine provides:
    • Cell 16x16 Movement
    • Running/Walking
    • Robust dialogue system
    • Various game menus
    • World Transitions through outside areas to interiors of buildings
    • NPCs randomly walking about, gazing around, looking in one direction all the time
    • Bare bones event/scripting system
    • Trainer NPCs that see the player and approach them (cell based, all scripted and timed correctly)
    • Surfing capability (no HM yet, infact Pokemon aren't even properly implemented)
    • Basic Pokemon data structure generation
    • BGM Management and transitioning

    And possibly others I have neglected to mention. I have a battle engine and various other sub systems split off as separate code bases (easier to debug) as well though they need some serious re-coding and optimising since I made them 2 years ago.

    I'm intending to make a game based off a fan-fiction I wrote quite some time ago, I can't replicate it exactly, it would break certain basic rules of RPG gameplay the way Pokemon games set them up (too much personalisation and giving the player a background not of their own doing)
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