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    Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
    I'd like a simple OW sprite for my hack. I'm just looking to replace the original uncute Marill plushie to something closer resembling something more...cute. Below is a pic of the original sprite, and a pic of my favorite kind of Marill plushie for reference. I know the sprite is too small to really replicate the plushie, so all I'm asking is to make it a better sprite than the original, so it can look like a cute plsuhie and less like a poorly made figurine. Your effort is appreciated, take as long as you like.
    And you say this is for a hack? I'll try it out. (I tried to make a Victini plushie long back for my hack xD)

    Originally Posted by ShadowMirror View Post
    Can I please have a trainer sprite of Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson and Marge Simpson from the Simpsons
    Once again... I didn't watch The Simpsons much, so I'll need a pic.


    Finished trying to edit the OW. I added a shade of red, if you wouldn't mind.