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    So, I've been testing this out out of late, but I keep running into the same error:

    All of the repels seem to have their effects corrupted. The text pulls up fine, the item gets "used", the script seems to work fine. However, whenever I attempt to implement this somehow the repel effect itself seems to stop working.

    So say I'm testing it out; I go into the bag and use a repel. The text "Leaf used a Repel" pops up, the number decreases, all normal. But if I then walk into the grass or over water or what have you, I still get wild encounters. Despite still getting wild encounters, once I walk 250 steps or so, I get the right message; it asks me to use a repel, and if I say yes, it subtracts one from the bag until I have none. But even still, I get wild encounters.

    May I ask which offset controls the wild encounter altering behavior for the item? Or if that's even changed at all by this (a problem on my end)? (or what part of the script)? While I've checked and rechecked it might be a copy error, though I don't think so.

    I've used both a greatly hacked BPRE v1.0 rom and a clean one (though for the clean I did use thethethe's Item Editor via Gamer2020's Pokemon Game Editor to change the price, and A-Map and XSE to insert a shop/sprite in Pallet to make testing easier; this is after the offsets were changed; if there's a problem with this method I'm unaware of it would be nice to know).

    Thanks for any help offered.
    Hey! If you're a tool maker or you have a resource to contribute, but you're not up to trying to make a guide, I'll be happy to try and write one up for you if you want. All I need is a pm and the offsets.
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