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    Originally Posted by romhunter View Post
    I know this have been around for a few months, but can you make something which was in a lot of harvest moon but not yet in here? It's the stone ( Kappa stone, Goddess stone... ). Hope that you're still here
    I will certainly consider it. I haven't been around here for quite some time (basically not much since my last post in this thread, nearly 7 months ago. Nice necropost btw), and still don't quite have the free time to get back into the swing of things, but if and when I can I would still like to finish this, frills and all.

    I'll be finishing my Master's degree program in about 3-4 weeks, so we'll see what happens then and where my motivation levels are. Maybe I'll even add some support for Pokemon Essentials. I probably won't be moving this to Ace any time in the near future, unless I somehow get the urge to purchase it (or there's a trial version and I can work fast enough to make the conversion before it runs out).

    Perhaps I (or some other kind soul) need to compile a complete list of what hasn't been implemented yet. Also, anyone is free to contribute code to this project if they would like. I realize that many here don't have much programming expertise, so I won't hold my breathe, but I figured I would just re-iterate that.
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