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    SUBJECT: Riah Toriaka(Rey-Ahh)(Tor-Rey-Akkah)

    SEX: Male

    APPEARANCE: Wears Navy blue undershirt and dark blue over shirt along with yellow pants and a yellow crescent shaped symbolizing the MoonShiners Gang he is affiliated with. Has white shoes wears White Mic that can change to a PokeDex, Phone, And a iPod. Has Spiky Golden-Yellow Hair that goes in every direction like he just woke up. Huge Baby Blue eyes and Red Cheeks.

    PERSONALITY PROFILE: Small 14 Year Old 5'01" 83 Pounds. Bold and Rash ignorrant fool Frail. He treats Pokemon with the Upmost Respect but Disrepects People because he gets very F***** Vulgar with them and he treats himself like hes the best thief ever because everyone calls him Bandito. And his deepest fear is getting caught red-handedd when stealing or getting shot by a gang member in the throat.

    CRIME: Stealing From Team Rocket now they want him dead 14 year old everyone calls Bandito because he is a Master Thief except that Team Rocket accident. His dad is Lt.Surge of Vemillion City and his mom is *NO ONE CARES* A helpless lady living on the streets because *NO ONE CARES* and got caught few times founder and leader of gang MoonShiners their Sole Porpose is to steal stuff and kill people in the Process

    POKEMON OF CHOICE: Pikachu Electric Nickname Blitz Appearance Fat Yellow Rodent Who Eats MY ****ing FOOD!!! Ability Static

    MOVES: Volt Tackle ThunderBolt Quick Attack Iron Tail