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    Sorry to keep polluting this - I think I figured it out.

    My clean rom seems to have some weird permission/write errors from getting shared between multiple users (me and me and also me). Effectively it seems I have permissions over some sectors within the directory but not others; I don't even know how that works, I'm guessing. It wasn't returning errors due to the fact that the actual rwx flags are true for me but it seems some parts are read-only. It's... nonsense, absolute nonsense. I made a copy into my current working directory and it seems to have done the job. I'm going to pave over the directory, maybe the partition. So... yay? For the record, this is something that's usually the result of improper mounting and unmounting; always eject your cards at the software level, kids!

    The hack base obviously I should have known. The mistake was stupidity on my end. I'm "borrowing" (for private use) an item hack from someone else, and somewhere along the line the effects were repointed, and the author (at absolutely no fault of his own) neglected to say so in his patch. I'm simply a huge idiot. So huge. Sorry about this.

    tl;dr its all my fault folks

    EDIT: Actually, no, that makes no sense. The items are the same - they're read from the table just the same. It points to the right asm routine (I know this because JPAN here: ); and that asm routine is as posted. All of the edits are positively correct. I know it's reading that item as repel, so then... What? I know for a fact that the only changes to the wild pokemon come from A Map... it makes no sense why I'm still having wild encounters.

    I mean it is reading the asm, and I actually do know for a fact nothing has been done to the wild encounter code. So there is no reason it should malfunction, dirty rom or not.

    @gogojjtech below; Oh wow. Wow wow. You learn something new everyday.

    tl;dr still all my fault folks. But wow.. amazing.
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