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    Nathan - A new arrival?

    Nath's Monferno was still walking out of it's pokeball. Nathan didn't like the idea of pokeballs, but yet he knew they were neccesary for keeping order. If only one was out at a time, there wouldn't be so much fuss. He walked on heading to the pokemon mart, when he saw an older man, around 19 but quite on the sort side with black hair... and a streak of red, walk right out the market. Nathan could tell he was also new, mostly because of the fact that he looked as lost as Nathan did, AND he had a tourist map, something Nath was not familiar with. Nath facepalmed. The information desk was all the way back down the road, there was no way he was going back now.

    Nath entered the poke mart to see what he could buy. Nitro's eyes were set upon a poketoy, while Nathan's eyes were set upon the medicines and berries. He had 1 medium size bag, so he could probably fit 2 hyper potions, and a bag of berries, but which berries to get.

    "Um, miss." Nathan muttered, as he knew that his question has a high chance of being a bad answer.
    "Yes what can I do for you?"
    "Well, I need to know what berries my pokemon would like, is that okay? I mean they're all tamed and stuff." Nathan felt really awkward.
    "... Of course sir, but you are responisble for any damage!" She said that as if it ment nothing at all to her.
    Nath released his Glade (Kirlia) Buzz (Beedrill) and Celebi.
    "My my, what a rare pokemon you have there!"-the shopkeeper actually showed some emotion!
    "Okay guys, you may pick 5 berries each, go and choose."
    The four pokemon brought back, oran berries, sitrus berries, lum berries, and a couple of pecha berries, and cheri berries. Nath payed for them and thanked the shopkeeper with a small tip (not that she really deserved it, the grumpy piloswine!)

    Next step the hotel!

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