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    Rated PG-13 for violence as well as being a rather unusual story

    Humanity has finally gotten fed up with their fragile position in the world of Pokémon.
    Gathering the best of trainers, they have decided to subdue or dispose of every powerful Pokémon in existence.

    The strong will expire as a large conflict between Pokémon and humans arises…
    But which side of the conflict will you end up on when you are neither Pokémon nor human…?

    - - - - -
    Chapter 1

    Lonesome Wanderer Lucario
    - - - - -

    A hateful blizzard rages over the northern region of Sinnoh. Braving the evil storm while dragging a limp body behind him, a Lucario stumbles through the snow. His body was thin and muscular, but his meager fur and shorts appeared to do little to protect him from the strong winds. Seeing nothing but whirling snow and walls of rock around him, he searched in hopes of finding a cave to take shelter in.

    He was cold and weary, but eventually managed to locate a big gaping hole in the side of the mountain. He tackled through the opening violently enough to be ramming through a brick wall as he threw the body he was carrying into a corner of the dank cave. Immediately he closed his eyes, as they burned in pain after having been ravaged by the storm. Collapsing on the ground he lay there panting for a while, not knowing whether to recover his exhaustion or start flailing about in order to regain his body heat.

    Deciding that both options sounded like too much of a hassle, he instead sat up and crossed his legs in an attempt to enter a meditative state. That way, he could at least find the inner peace he craved so badly for a while.

    He had barely gotten started before he sensed the aura of someone appearing behind him, at the mouth of the cave. The heavy snow has already begun covering up the tracks leading to it, as well as the marks left from the fierce battle that had recently taken place outside. Someone must have seen him enter it…

    ”Pretty gutsy of you to come alone…” the Lucario suddenly said out loud with a dark tone in his voice as his eyes remained closed, ”Who sent you? Some human organization… Or are you a dog of the legendaries?” He clenched his fists a little as no one answered, and he sensed the foreign aura rapidly moving closer to him.

    “No, I guess it doesn’t matter…” the Lucario continued with a sigh, “Since you’ve followed me all the way here, there can only be one course of action…!” Cracking his neck and opening his eyes, the Lucario stood up and quickly turned around to face the approaching threat.

    “OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD” an extremely high-pitched voice echoed in his ears, as a smooth ball of blue hair flew at him. The Lucario narrowly dodged it with a sidestep and saw that it was a fairly short creature with some kind of beak sticking out of it.

    “I-It really is you!” the strange thing continued as her glee increased with every new pounce at him, “I’m your biggest fan! I love you! I’ve watched every episode over and over and o-”

    “Wait!” the Lucario exclaimed terrified while dodging her grasps and fighting hard not to counterattack, “Y-You’re not here to kill me!?”

    “Ki… I-I…” the short bird responded, mishearing him and beginning to blush a little, “… I’d LOVE to kiss you!”

    “Simmer down!” Lucario shouted as he made a small leap back to avoid the thing’s constant approach. As his vision grew less distorted, he saw that it looked like a blue baby penguin with a big head and… White nipples!?

    “I’ve never even seen you before, you crazy thing!” the Lucario yelled angrily as the Piplup before him finally ceased her attacks.

    “But… You’re ‘Lonesome Wanderer Lucario’, right?” she asked, looking at him confused with her beady eyes.

    “I…” the Lucario mumbled, remembering that he had referred to as ‘Lucario’ before and was indeed wandering alone, ”… Yeah, I guess you could call me that…”

    “I KNEW IT!” the Piplup squealed loudly before again jumping up to try to steal his lips.

    “Gah!” Lucario yelled in disgust as he grabbed a hold of her head in midair, “You’ve got rabies or something!?” He had expected a strong reaction from this, but instead the Piplup was just holding her hands in front of her with a brown, rectangular object in them.

    “Can I have your pawprint?” the Piplup asked sincerely with a big smile on her face.

    “W-What the hell…?” Lucario stammered as he searched the small penguin for some kind of storage space, “Where’d you get that from!?”

    “Home!” the Piplup giggled, “I’ve always dreamed of meeting you like this, alone in a cave somewhere, no one to interrupt the romantic mood…”

    “…” Lucario stood in silence, not really caring about anything this wild beast had to say, ”You wanted my… My… What did you want?”

    “Pawprint!” the Piplup exclaimed happily, reaching out even more with the brown object, “I want to show it to all my friends to prove that I really did meet you!”

    ”Paw… Print? Oh, it’s…” Lucario mumbled, examining the small thing which now reminded him to a miniature vat of wet cement, “… Like an autograph?”

    ”… A what?” the Piplup wondered, trying to lean her head to the side but instead moving her body diagonally since Lucario still had a tight hold of her.

    ”Never mind…” Lucario sighed while letting go of the tiny creature, making her fall to the ground and landing on her butt, “I’ll give it to you, but then you’ve got to leave.”

    “Leave!?” the Piplup exclaimed instead of ‘Ow’ as she hit the ground, “But… All my life I’ve been waiting for you! I’m your biggest fan! You’re the best hero ever!”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about…” Lucario said exhausted, tired of all the nonsense.

    ”Take…” the Piplup whispered as she remember all those practices she had in front of the mirror. She put on her best face as she gathered up all her courage and shouted, ”… Take me with you!”

    ”Not a chance” Lucario responded bluntly, ”I travel alone, and I don’t need a pet.”

    “A-A pet?” the Piplup stuttered surprised, “No, as a partner! I… I can fight! I’ve traveled before! We’ll-“

    “I said ‘not a chance’, not ‘maybe’!” Lucario interrupted harshly, the word ‘partner’ leaving a bad aftertaste in his mind, “I’m a ‘lone wanderer’, remember?”

    “Yes! But together, we can-“ the Piplup tried to continue, but was interrupted once again.

    “THIS is why I travel alone, if you’re wondering!” Lucario said with annoyance, “So that I don’t have to put up with all this... This… What’s that sound called that penguins make? Chirping?”

    “… Pegu-nins?” the Piplup tried to repeat with a confused stare.

    “I don’t have any fish, if that’s what you’re looking for!” Lucario said loudly before pointing directly behind him, “And don’t even think you’re getting a piece of this one!”

    They both looked at the large Pokémon that Lucario had dragged into the cave. Another bird-like Pokémon, it was larger and had a fiery tone of colors to its feathers. While Lucario remained oblivious, the Piplup could easily tell that it was a Combusken.

    “Oooooh!” the Piplup exclaimed with admiration, “Did you hit her with your Aura Sphere? Or maybe your Aura Storm!?”

    “… My what?” Lucario asked, before ignoring the thought, “Well… It definitively got familiar with my fists, if that’s what you’re referring to!”

    “Wow! You didn’t even have use your special attacks!?” the Piplup shouted happily as she bounced up and down, “That’s soooo cool!”

    “Cool?” Lucario said while making a short laugh to himself, “No, I just punched it in the face until it went down… Oh well, at least I won’t be going hungry tonight!”

    “Yeah! Hungry…” the Piplup continued bouncing before she realized what she had just said and became a bit startled, “… Uh, hungry?”

    ”Not hungry enough to bite into this slab of disease, of course! I’ve got to cook it first!” Lucario said as he scanned the area for fitting material to ignite, “Listen, if you help me with starting the fire, I guess you can have half a leg or something.”

    The awkward situation was broken as a pitiful groan was suddenly heard from the Combusken. Its senses were barely functional and its mind foggy beyond any recognition as it didn’t know where or what it was. Running completely on instincts, it struggled to move.

    “Whoa, still breathing?” Lucario muttered surprised while approaching it, “I guess I’ll have to take care of that, first…”

    ”WAIT! STOP!” the Piplup yelled while running ahead of him, ”What are you doing!?”

    “Well, I can’t eat it if it’s still alive!” Lucario responded as he moved even closer to the Combusken that had started flailing its right leg wildly, ”Now shut up, you’re ruining my appetite…”

    ”Y-You can’t eat her!” the Piplup shouted in horror as the Combusken moaned frightfully, ”She’s a sentient being! An intelligent creature!”

    ”Not intelligent enough to avoid fighting me…” Lucario muttered as his stomach growled loudly, “Besides, I haven’t had anything to eat but berries for five days. I’m starving for meat!”

    ”No… No way…” the Piplup stammered as she fell back, gazing up on her fallen idol, ”Y-You’re really a cannibal!? Y-You’re kidding, right!?”

    ”Pfft, cannibal…” Lucario scoffed to himself before suddenly realizing something that made is mouth drop, ”… Wait, what? You mean, Pokémon don’t usually… Rather, Pokémon can’t…” Something clicked in him at the sound of the word ‘Cannibal’, and he began to get worried that maybe there was a reason why this act was considered unnatural even between two different species of Pokémon…

    ”… Yeah, I was… I mean, of course I was joking around!” Lucario said slowly before picking up the pace, ”I just wanted to scare Big Bird here a little bit. Now, scram.”

    “Oh…” the Piplup whispered, somewhat relieved. She knew her hero would never try something like that for real!

    “Get with the scraming, already!” Lucario shouted, hoping the message would stick this time.

    “Come on!” the Piplup continued her earlier hassling, “Let me be your sidekick!”

    “No!” Lucario responded sharply and bluntly.

    “I promise I won’t get in your way!” the Piplup continued, not taking ‘no’ for an answer, “I’ll even hide myself if I have to! And I’ve got lots of items that’ll be useful-“

    “You know, I’m not a lone wanderer because I want to be!” Lucario interrupted, so very tired of this whole conversation, “Just that those that follow me have a bad tendency to end up dead!”

    “I…” the Piplup whispered as she closed her eyes before shouting in determination, “I’m not afraid of death!”

    A few moments of silence passed between them, as Lucario stared at the little thing in front of him. He didn’t know whether to be impressed with it or angrier at it. Looking outside the cave for an escape, he noticed that the snow had stopped altogether.

    “What’s with this climate…?” Lucario mumbled as he looked back at his lost meal with a starving stare. He realized that he no longer had any reason to stay, and began heading for the exit.

    “Listen, come with me and you’ll find nothing but death” Lucario tried to explain as calmly as possible while walking, ”Give up on becoming my partner and go back to your home on the north po… I mean, south pole.”

    “I’ll follow you wherever you go!” the Piplup replied cheerfully.

    “Damn it! Do you ever stop!?” Lucario turned around and growled irritated, as his stomach did the same.

    “Oh wait… You’re hungry?” the Piplup asked, her face lighting up, “That’s perfect! I’ve got berries with me!” Before Lucario could blink the Piplup was holding several large berries in her hands, once again dazzling him as to where she had kept them stored until now.

    “… Ugh” was all Lucario managed to say as he felt very disappointed, “… Really? Nothing else? I really hate berries…”

    “Huh? But that’s…” the Piplup said, looking over the brightly colored berries with a hint of hunger, “… I’ve never heard of a Pokémon that didn’t like berries!”

    ”Oh, I’m not a Pokémon…” Lucario said lightly as he once again turned around and finally left the cave.

    “I’m human.”

    - - - - -
    Chapter 2

    Serene Chaser Suicune
    - - - - -

    "Hey! Wait up!" the Piplup shouted, her cries going unnoticed as Lucario had long since blocked her out completely, entering a state harmonic silence. With the mountain range far behind them and a bright sun far above them, they were currently walking through a large field of grass and small flowers. Lucario treaded carefully, worried that a seemingly harmless dandelion would turn out to be some kind of grass-type Pokémon lying in ambush.

    What unnerved him even more was the fact that the grass beneath his feet was fairly dry. There been a mighty blizzard just a few hours ago, and looking back he was still able to see the cave they had rested in. Either the storm had been extremely local, or the sun had dried up the grass faster than what could be considered normal.

    "Hey… You" Lucario finally said, making the Piplup raise her head in excitement, "Why isn't there any snow here?"

    "Oh!" she exclaimed with a trace of confidence before completely trailing off, "That's because… Um… Well…" Lucario rapidly wished he hadn't left his happy bubble.

    "I have no idea!" she finally answered with a big smile.

    "Ugh…" Lucario groaned, amazed at how useless this penguin would be as a permanent traveling companion, "… How old are you, anyway?"

    "Four!" the Piplup quickly replied.

    "Figures…" Lucario sighed, having guessed it was a little older as a thought suddenly hit him, "… Is that in human years or penguin years?"

    "Pegu-nin…?" the Piplup asked, still not being able to pronounce the foreign word correctly. Actually, ever since meeting her idol for the first time there had been a lot of things that had gone quite far above her head, yet somehow gotten stuck in there. One question in her felt particularly pressing…

    "Hey, hey! About that thing you said before…" she said with a lively voice as Lucario looked back at her for a moment, "Uh… What do you mean, you're human?"

    "Well… I'm human" Lucario responded with a short laugh, "Heh… I mean, I'm in the body of a Pokémon, but I'm still human."

    "Hmm…" the Piplup mumbled as she didn't understand, "I've never heard of anything like that before!"

    "That makes two of us" Lucario hastily replied, holding his paws in front of him and looking down at what used to be his hands.

    "How did it happen?" the Piplup continued asking, simply glad that Lucario wasn't ignoring her anymore.

    "Who knows?" Lucario said, getting tired of talking and regretting having given the Piplup any attention, "There I was, being human and all… And then I was some kind of blue wolf."

    "Hmm…" the Piplup mumbled as she once again didn't understand, "I don't get it!"

    "Please stop talking…" Lucario muttered, making one last attempt to make some use out of his annoying stowaway, "Hey, none of these flowers are Pokémon, right?"

    "Hahaha! Of course not!" the Piplup laughed, before looking at his serious face and getting a concerned look on hers, "… You can't tell?"

    "How can anyone?" Lucario sighed with a shrug, "There're like a hundred different kinds, how the hell should I know what they all look like…?"

    "You know, even for a human you seem to know very little about Pokémon!" the Piplup said, as the Lucario jumped a little.

    "Uh… Yeah" he answered nervously, "I… Grew up in a village where there were no Pokémon. At all."

    "No Pokémon!" the Piplup said out loud, "A place like that really exists!"

    "… I guess" Lucario said, before suddenly jumping even higher than before and immediately stopped walking.

    "What's wrong?" the Piplup asked, as Lucario looked behind them with a troubled face.

    "You know how I warned you about eight times that you'd die if you followed me around like this?" Lucario muttered menacingly while gritting his teeth, "… Well, now you get to find out why." Looking back the way they had come, the Piplup saw a large figure forming at the horizon, rapidly increasing in size. Something was approaching them very quickly!

    "These two again…" Lucario mumbled to himself, "I was hoping they'd given up by now…"

    "W-What's that!" the Piplup asked with a startled voice.

    "Heaps of trouble. Here's a last minute tip: The big one manipulates water and can freeze it solid at any time" Lucario said loudly as he spread his legs to gain better footing, "… Survive this, and I'll be more than proud to call you my partner."

    "R-Really!" the Piplup yelled in excitement, "You really mean that!"

    "Pfft, don't get any ideas…" Lucario said bitterly as the figure got nearer, "Dodge everything, and if you against all odds manage to find an opening… RUN LIKE HELL!"

    The large creature hastily closed in on them with giant leaps across the grassy field. The Piplup ran to the side as the beast stopped itself about twenty feet away from where Lucario was standing. The new arrival appeared to be a teal lion with a purple mane flowing from its head, and two tails that curved around and looked like white bandages floating by its sides. In the miniature sea of purple fur sat a trainer, riding on its back. The trainer was an adult with spiky white hair, a green bandana and a look of insanity on his face that one rarely finds outside a mental hospital.

    "Eya ha ha! I told you fleeing was useless!" the white-haired trainer cackled madly, "You'll never escape me as long as I have Suicune!"

    "You're nothing but an ugly boil attached to the back of a pansy horse!" Lucario shouted, fully aware that the trainer couldn't understand anything he said. He did see Suicune twitch a little at his remark, though.

    "I am Champion Brendan!" the trainer continued gleefully, "Remember the name of your master as you become part of my collection!"

    "The only thing you'll be collecting once I'm done with you is your teeth!" Lucario yelled, letting his rage get the better of him as he dashed towards the intimidating duo. The last time he had tried to keep his distance, which turned out to be a big mistake… And he simply could not wait to knock the boastful bastard off his high horse.

    "Diamond Dust, now!" Brendan laughed as Suicune crouched down a bit.

    "This time, you're mine!" Lucario screamed as he jumped towards the shining creature, getting ready to deliver a strong kick to its head. Suicune suddenly hopped back, as a puddle below where it had previously stood exploded into a mass of droplets.

    "Solidify!" Brendan shouted as all the tiny bodies of water froze into tiny shrapnel of ice. Still in midair, Lucario did as best he could to defend himself from the explosion. Covering himself, he didn't notice that Suicune came running at him, ramming him hard and sending him flying back.

    "Impale!" Brendan yelled, as Suicune spat out of a long trail of water towards Lucario. Predicting the pattern of the attack, he punched the stream of water right before it hit him, knocking away the icicle spear that quickly formed from it.

    "Gah!" Lucario coughed as a crashed to the ground, quickly flipping himself upright to get ready for another attack.

    "Piercing Rain!" Brendan yelled, making Suicune shoot a large wave of water diagonally into the air towards Lucario. As the wave broke off into smaller pieces at the top, they froze and became sharp javelins instead. Lucario saw them falling down from the sky, and in a daring move decided to attack Suicune once again.

    "You left yourself open!" Lucario shouted as the ice crashed down behind him and he ran up to Suicune, keeping himself on the ground this time. When he was hardly three feet away from it, Suicune spat out a beam of water at his head, which he just barely managed to dodge. Taking his first swing at Suicune, it formed a passage of ice on the ground and slid on it to swiftly glide away from him. Having his stubbornness fueled by rage, Lucario ignored this and kept chasing after the legendary dog. This proved to be a mistake however, as the slippery ground made him lose his footing and a large block of ice collided with him, pushing him back through the air.

    "Splitting Crush!" Brendan yelled as Suicune shot out yet another boulder of ice, hitting the previous one and making it break in half, sending powerful shockwaves into Lucario and stunning him as he hit the ground.

    The Piplup was beyond amazed at this display. It was exactly like the show she had grown to love so much, only far more realistic. Even though Lucario's adversary seemed to have the upper hand this time, she knew that he would soon get serious and trash the large, blue Pokémon and his strange rider.

    "You can do it!" she cheered with admiration as Lucario struggled to get up, "I believe in you!"

    "Idiot, keep quiet!" Lucario responded angrily when Brendan quickly turned his head towards the previously unnoticed Pokémon.

    "Oh, hey! Will you look at this?" Brendan said to himself as a broad smile formed on his face, "That's a… A Piplup!" The Piplup realized her mistake and made an audible gulp.

    "That's a rare one! Oooh, I always wanted one of you…" he continued in a dreamy voice, "That punk Lucas started with one of you, I think… I'm kind of jealous, because I started with a Torchic, myself… Only to find out Hoenn was nothing but water everywhere… Man, water types are the only way to go, really…" Lucario and the Piplup stared at the strange person as he continued his monologue while scratching his chin frenetically as if it had a rash or something.

    "Heh, Lucario AND a Piplup! Must be my lucky day!" Brendan cackled as he suddenly pulled a purple Pokeball from his belt, "You're mine!" The Piplup stumbled back in horror at the sight of the fearsome machine, and felt terrified at the thought of being captured by this maniacal trainer. But in the corner in her eye, she saw her hero not far away.

    "T-Try anything and y-you'll be sorry!" she stammered as her courage was regained, "L-Lucario, s-show them what happens when someone messes with you!" Lucario looked at her, and then quickly looked back at Brendan.

    "Brace yourself!" Brendan yelled as Suicune suddenly rushed towards the Piplup, who fell on her backside in fear.

    "H-Help me, Lucario!" she cried as she covered her eyes, shaking frightfully.

    The Suicune had barely taken a step towards the scared Piplup before Lucario focused all his power into his legs and started running… In the opposite direction. As he fled, he heard Brendan laughing madly as the Piplup screamed desperately behind him.

    "Like I'd risk my life for a stinkin' animal…" Lucario mumbled to himself, still feeling a twinge of guilt in his heart. The guilt didn't last long as it was replaced by joy when he remembered that he would no longer have to put up with her incessant chattering.

    Even so, he knew that running away would only be a temporary solution, and that he would have to face the fearsome duo again soon. He was no stranger to battle, but had no idea on how he would even go about fighting a giant dog that keeps shooting ice and water at him. The dog had turned out to be surprisingly nimble, and the guy riding it never seemed to run out of new tricks and ways of attacking him. He realized that unless he comes up with a good plan very fast, he would eventually run out of luck and finally be captured… Or killed.
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