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I'm not much of a programmer, I'll only touch coding when I absolutely need to and even then I'll probably try and find an easy way around it.
When I'm using Java I'll use eclipse. There's no real reason behind this apart from I have to use eclipse since I only use Java when I'm in doing an assignment and part of the marking criteria is to use eclipse so there's no getting away from it. Not like I'd use anything else anyway.
When I'm coding for anything in a web browser I'll probably use dreamweaver since I really like having a live preview of what I'm making. I'll pretty much always use the split view though and code it by hand, since I've become away of how messy dreamweaver makes coding when you just slap in a table here and a form there.
For anything else that I don't use that often, or if it's web coding/Java coding that is only a small piece of code I'll use notepad++.
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