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    Ryuu Higoroshi
    Chapter 2: 3C's Homeroom teacher
    Teachers dorm

    Ryuu's reading moment got interupted when some of his students finally started to gather in the classroom. However, he kept on reading the human history for a little longer... untill he heard something getting crushed in the room. When he looked up from his book it wasn't "something" that had been getting crushed... but lots of somethings. Some chairs and tables were shoved away from the center of the classroom and around 8 tables and 7 chairs were completly crushed. He saw Frio, Elese and Gavin standing in the center of the classroom and once he saw the icy circle near them he just knew that Frio had something to do with this. "FRIOOOOO!!!" Ryuu jumped up from his chair and took a good view of the crushed chairs and tables. He tried to calm down but you could still hear some of his anger in his voice. "Tomorrow... you'll be here at 7 o'clock and you will help me to prepare for class... and after school you will stay here for two more hours." Ryuu said as he tried to pull of a smile, but failed badly.

    "And next time you'll try a new move... take it outside please..." Ryuu facepalmed and started to clean up his classroom a little. It's nice that his students were starting to control their powers a little. But they shouldn't take it out on his beloved classroom. He sat down behind his desk again once he thought that almost all the students that were going to attend the battle had entered.

    "Well then, I see that most of you are here and I don't expect anymore students too be honest." Ryuu spoke to make the class silent for awhile, atleast untill he was done with his speech. "Oz is a Mage, so I suggest that you all keep distance and dodges his attacks. If there is any Mage here that can make a defense barrier, then please do so for you and your classmates so that they can start to attack Oz." Ryuu stood up and made his way to the front of the class. "You'll only have to keep him busy for 20 minutes, not more." Ryuu glanced at Gavin and Allister, he just knew that one of these two was able to make a barrier. "I promise that I will appear after this time has passed. And if I appear I suggest you immediately close your eyes, don't question, just trust me on this one."

    Ryuu's expression became more relaxing after awhile. "The other teachers and I weren't prepared when he attacked last time, which explains the big damage they have gotten but I can gladly say that most of them have recovered from that and that tomorrow we'll be following the normal shedule." Ryuu walked towards the door and stood next to it. "You'll be leaving to the graveyard right now. He's probably by a huge gravestone near a underground chamber that is hopefully still closed. Please stay close to each other." Ryuu had this serious expression. He knew he had to show his powers today in order to protect the school and his students but he had to get a certain item first that was powerful against mages before he joined them on the battlefield.

    The Commander

    The Commandeer chuckled at Solo comment of getting punched hard if this was a joke of "go fetch". Did Solo seriously thought he could beat the allmighty commandeer? I don't think so, he is still a tempered puppy even if he acts brave. "Even if it was like that, if you punched me I can promise you that you're not going to like this part of the training." The commandeer had this evil grin on his face that often scared of some rookie members, he wondered if Solo would do the same.

    "Alright, I assume you haven't found a way yet to open that stick or to release it's powers." The commandeer started the training with a short speech about the stick. "The truth is, that stick can only be unlocked when the owner releases it's power," The commandeer walked over to the somewhat shorter boy and laid his hand on the stick. "For me that's wind." The commandeer released his wind powers that started to surround his hand that was on the stick. The stick started to glow and probably was a little heavier now. "Since I was the one releasing my powers, only I can use this stick at the moment but," The commandeer hovered his hand over the stick and the stick locked itself again. "Now it's your turn, release your telekin power on the stick." The commandeer took a few steps back and watched Solo.

    "This stick is somewhat over-powered so it's used by rookie members as a help in certain missions, it can even beat commanders." The commandeer smiled evily once again as he gave away some information about the stick that could be used against him. It was like he saw "that" person in front of him. History was going to repeat itself.
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