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    Roxas Jaden Asakura
    Team Rocket member

    Roxas was a little weirded out when Kilik asked him how he entered the Academy. What was that for a question? He wasn't suspecting him to be the one destroying that store last night, right? Roxas had a thoughtful expression on his face. "I remember getting a letter from this Academy when I was at home." He then warmly smiled at Kilik. "I immediately left to this place after receiving that letter from Professor Oak." Roxas leaned back in his chair. Ofcourse he was lying but he was that skillfull at lying that it wasn't noticeble even for people with human knowledge. Roxas had to lie a lot in the childhood to prevent people from taking him in as an orphan when his parents died. He was a young member of Team Rocket and already taken in by Giovanni, but people still often asked him where his parents were.

    Roxas got a little sad just thinking back. Firstly his crush died at an early age and after that his parents got murdered by an unknown group of people. He just wished that they could be hear with him right now... then he could've joined this academy as a real student and not as a spy. He heard some footsteps nearing his and Kilik's table. It was a young girl asking if she could join them. "Ofocurse! The more the merrier." Roxas answered cheerfully, so many people~ so many new friends~

    Roxas didn't forget to ask Kilik the same question back though. "How did you enter this Academy? Did you receive the same letter?" Roxas asked him. At that moment Roxas's stomach started to rumble and sounded like a dying whale which made him blush from embaressment. One of the Pokéballs in his belt opened and a Pikachu with an orange cloth around his neck and a haircut came out of it and ran towards the lunch lady. "J-Jaden?!" Roxas tried to call him back but it was too late. After a few moments his Pikachu came back with a plate with a few sandwiches. "T-Thanks you Jaden..." Roxas smiled awkwardly and patted his Pikachu's head. "Pika Pik!" Jaden showed his thumb and made his way towards Roxas's shoulder. "Here, take one, I bet you're hungry." Roxas gave him a sandwhich and he happily started to eat it. Roxas took a bite of his sandwhich as well. He was blessed with Pokémon like his...

    Mana Murasaki
    The Espeon girl
    At the Cafeteria.

    Mana was a little moved when she heard that Drake spend Thanksgiving alone as well. No one should be alone with Thanksgiving and even though they were a group at first, Kilik was alone with thanksgiving, Mana was alone with thanksgiving and even Draken seemed to have spend Thanksgiving alone with his Pokémon. If Mana had went over to Drake, Mana and Kilik when they were still sitting by that table... had everyone stayed together untill Thanksgiving was over...? With these thoughts Mana hoped that they weren't talking about her when she had left afterall. Mana... swallow your insecurity for once!

    Mana was busted when Drake asked her if everything was alright with a rather concerned look on his face, was he worried? She kinew Drake was talking about that face she accidentally pulled of just now but oh well... might as well share her thoughts, right? "I-I'm a little worried about that Team Rocket incident yesterday... They attacked a store in Oak Town." Mana had this worried look on her face again. She really hoped that the owner of the store was okay and hadn't received too much damage. "What are they even doing here on this island? It... just doesn't make sense." Mana stared at her Espeon and Glaceon who were sharing their feelings with her. On the look of their faces you could obviously read that they were worried as well.
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