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I groaned, "I have stay earlier and later?" I whined. "I mean, if I can't practice in here what's the point." I was really annoyed about losing any training time, especially now that I knew how unstable my abilities were. I dropped it, "Whatever, hey teach, have you seen Solo at all? He was not in his dorm this morning." I figured the teacher may know, "I think I'd rather look for him than to look fight this Oz guy if possible." Maybe they were related though, and I figured if I had to, I would certainly beat this Oz guy up.

"I'm going too..." Elise said softly behind me.

I turned around and whispered to her, "You know you could stay in your dorm room and be safer right."

She whispered back, "But I want to help, there is no way I'm entirely useless." I sighed Humans may be useless in this situation...

"Fine but meet me somewhere private after school, I think people might notice your lack of abilities." I whispered to quietly that she barely heard it, let alone the people in the room. "Just meet me at my dorm room." She nodded.

"Yea, she is going too." I said.
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