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Allister Curtis

Sure enough, Mr. Higoroshi eventually noticed the destruction that had befallen his classroom, and had immediately assessed that Frio was responsible, a sentiment that Allister agreed with despite the snowman's sister's claims. Allister was actually fairly impressed that even with the looming battle the teacher, who was likely quite green due to his young age, was still maintaining order quite well. It was in the middle of that thought that said teacher made a request for either himself or Gavin, for they were the only mages in the class it appeared, to produce a barrier for them.
"I can handle the barrier, I have just the spell. You'll need to give me about a minute to get it prepared when we find Oz since I need to draw a pentacle, but once it is ready any spell that targets anyone I am trying to defend will be significantly weakened as long as I stay in the pentacle... although the more of you and the further away you are the less potent the spell will be. That's just an unfortunate aspect that the majority of spells I can currently cast have attached to them."

With that, Allister walked to the door in preparation to head out to the graveyard. He didn't want to leave first though in case he gave the impression he wanted to be some sort of leader. In reality he wanted as little to do with the majority of his classmates as possible with the exceptions of Gavin, Yorick and Cheryll.

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