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Oh hey Monocolor. It's been forever. This isn't gonna be a huge update, but it's something, eh? :p I might actually have time tonight to play a bit more and add to thism but for now:

Ultimate Red Monocolor Challenge Platinum Update #2

-Skipped down to Route 213 and fished up Gardener the Lv.15 Remoraid. Slapped the Exp Share on him.
-Found the Magmarizer without looking for it. That’ll come in handy at some point :p
-After the fight with Barry outside the Pastoria Gym, Gardener evolved into an Octillery :)
-Went through the Gym and took on Wake a couple of times before I realized I needed a bit more levels to get him down
-Trained up on the route west of Pastoria
-Took an hour or two detour to go around everywhere (including the Underground) to get the shards I needed to get the Move Tutor to teach Dhyana Zen Headbutt
-Renamed Gardener to Starkly, to make the reference more obvious :p
-Wake was still fairly tough, everyone saw some action


The Team:

Casper the Rotom, Lv. 36 @ Spell Tag
Ability: Levitate
-Shock Wave
-Ominous Wind

Dhyana the Meditite ♀, Lv. 34 @ Mind Plate
Ability: Pure Power
-Hidden Power (Ground)
-Calm Mind
-Zen Headbutt
-Hi Jump Kick

Umberto the Scyther ♀, Lv. 34 @ Cleanse Tag
Ability: Technician
-Fury Cutter
-Wing Attack

Starkly the Octillery ♂, Lv. 33
Ability: Suction Cups
-Focus Energy
-Bullet Seed
-Aurora Beam


Copper the Kricketune ♀, Lv. 29
Ability: Swarm
-Fury Cutter
-Focus Energy

HM Slaves:
Chimchar: Rock Smash
Staravia: Defog
Budew: Cut, Flash
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