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Kion Gavin - Classroom

Gavin remained silent from the moment that Elise requested that they all respect Frio's wishes until the end of Higoroshi's briefing. He was saddened by Elise's compliance with her brother, it seemed as if she was dehumanizing herself. He couldn't not comply, however, as it would then be a conflict of interest on her end. He was trying to figure out exactly why she was protecting him, as he had no doubt in his mind that she wasn't completely, if at all, agreeable with what Frio had in mind. Then again, he was just being protective, just trying to be a good brother; it was something that Gavin couldn't interfere with, though he wondered if agreeing to all of this would be the right thing to do. He simply sighed and turned his attention elsewhere.

Then, Higoroshi gave the class his attention in an uproar. Through all of this, Gavin stayed silent, his mind still on Elise. He didn't particularly care about what Higoroshi had to say, and from what he caught, none of the briefing, save for the spells, was about him. He heard the bit about closing his eyes, however, but he scoffed at the idea that Higoroshi could do anything about Oz. The way he figured it, if he could have done something about Oz, then he would have done it previously, rather than relying on a bunch of schoolkids to do so for him. Regardless, he simply kept his somber expression all of the way through.

At the end, Gavin opened his mouth to talk a few times, but he wasn't sure if he could. Then he bit his lip and said, "You...y'know, Higohigo-chan, you really should pay attention." He tried to put some life into himself with a playful attitude. "I mean, after all this time you're just now realizing that the class is in disarray, and then, after that, you go and accuse the wrong person. Do you seriously think that Frio here would do all of this? Haven't you been listening to anything I said about my arm? At all? I'm a much more likely suspect." Gavin turned his head thoughtfully. "Probably because I did it." He turned back to Higoroshi. "Then again, I wouldn't expect Ryuu 'When They Cry' Higurashi to know that; after all, he did just completely miss out on the whole event." He raised his hands and shook his head with a smile. "Oh well. I'm going to the Graveyard." Gavin zoomed to the door, past Allister, and into the hallway. "Later, comrades!" He said, waving playfully to Frio, Elise, Yorick, and Cheryll. He turned to Allister and saluted. "I'll see you on the battlefield, commander!" He then turned his attention to Higoroshi and blew a kiss to him. "Later, Higo-chan!" After all was said and done, he bolted out of the building.

Once outside, Gavin started down the path to the graveyard. He looked at his hand. "I wonder if I can do this..." He still felt a little dizzy from the amount of blood loss, despite his efforts to make the amputation procedure as complication-less as possible. Gavin sighed and removed the water bottle from his pocket. He chugged the entire bottle and then obliterated the remains with a dark spell. The dizziness lessened as the coolness and the freshness of the water embraced him. I've gotta get to Oz before the others, He thought to himself. His walk transformed into a run, which felt quite odd without the weight and the movements of his arm, and started quickly made for the path that he and Kitten (Kailey) followed to the graveyard the previous day.
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