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    I'm more a writer than a hacker, but currently I'm starting to work on my mapping skills. I'll be working on my insertion skills after I've a few maps to use. This idea is here for anyone to take on as their own project, or if it is liked enough then feel free to contact me. If enough people were to come to me looking to work with me on it, I'd be motivated to start a team - To people interested in this option, instructing me would be welcomed in the hacking area. I joined a few teams before as a writer/story-liner, though the projects were discontinued or I left due to RL taking it's toll on me. Anyway, on to the idea:

    Whether it is a revamping of a known region or an entirely new one, does not affect this. The main character starts off as the norm, though they just get a starting Pokemon from a trainer school upon graduation. This can also be done via a final test the trainer is given, with questions being aimed at what kind they prefer to use - This opens up the option of more than 3 possible starters that can be selected at the end of the test.

    The region itself is one that enjoys working with Pokemon in everyday life, even training Pokemon to compete in local tourney's(Tournaments) for a prize or extra cash. Many choose to tackle the Pokemon League challenge - Where only the very best of the region gain entrance into, competing against one another as they battle for the position of regional champion. Instead of an "Elite Four", trainers battle other trainers. The Elite Four does exist, though in a different fashion than the actual games. In this hack they are the Elite Four of the world - The very best trainers, four whom were past champions of their regions that went on to be regional champions of other regions in the world. To gain a position among them, a trainer must become regional champion of three different regions, using a new team of Pokemon each time to obtain the title, to prove they are worthy to enter a worldly tournament held every six years.

    That bit about the "Elite Four" would be for following installments within the same hack if it is possible to put in, depending on the amount of space allowed anyway. There would be other things going on within the starting region, such as robbers and natural disasters, rivals to be met and made, more than the normal amount of eight gyms a trainer could gain a badge from to enter into the PLC, and other events/quests that could be done. If the space required is too much then this can be dumbed down a bit to fit in a ROM. Personally, I've always wanted to see something like this as the constant antagonist of a team with purposes that harm others or the environment got old real fast. If anyone desires to make this a reality, feel free to.

    If you want me along to write for it, I would so long as you don't want to put a team in like Team Rocket/Magma/Aqua/Plasma, even if they're a new team of your creation. If you desire to make this a reality and add them in, you can still feel free to use this - I'll just decline helping in writing for it if you were to ask. If you know how to hack and would be willing to help me make this into a hack, feel free to let me know - If enough people message me I'll start a team up. Again, I've only began getting into mapping, and have yet to work on insertion, so you'll have to bear with me unless you don't mind that at all. I can't script for my life, btw. Anyone has my approval to take this as their own, as I said before. If you want to ask me about this idea at all or contact me, feel free to PM/VM me.
    If ever you're looking for some help in writing a plot/events/etc for a hack or a fan-fic, I wouldn't mind offering some suggestions - Just PM/VM me.