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Is it okay if I want to recruit members before starting too much so that they can help me make some decisions like what engine we're using on what program and such?

Team name: Team Pocket Rocket
Team Leader: Me
Current Members: Only me for now
Current Game title: Pokémon Topaz
Current progress made: Story 30%, Maps 1%, Region design 50%
Position(s) needed: Mainly scripters and artists
Timezone: (GMT +1)
Preferred Method of contact: PM, VM, PokeStadium Forum or SEGA Forum
Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots (One of these are required. Posts without these will be deleted): Pokémon Topaz
Additional info: Two Regions will be available to explore in this game; the Sentou Region, and the Visou Region. I'm working on a decent way to connect the two in the story. I'm also working on the National Pokédex, which will feature evolutions and prevolutions to previous Pokémon (I've forgot the whole list without the thread).

P.S.: Acanthite is back? That's amazing! I had no idea that it was still being worked on.

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