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Takumi Makkusu - Did She Just Asked What I Think She Just Asked?

I could see Nami's face turning red. She kindly took the blood bag anyway, so why's she blushing? I don't get it. It's cute though, the way she blushes. Ah! I'm getting embarressed!

I learn, for some reason, that blood contains iron. What else does my blood have. Er, I just realized that Nami drank my iron blood...

ShinyDiamond: Give him a moment. Tak's thinking of Nami actually eating iron.

That' odd thought. I'll just shake that out of my head. It took some time for me to realize that Nami shoved her plate of pancakes towards me. I'd love some, except I'm starting to get full...& the food taste weird today. Must be a usual taste for Youkai. As I finish up my pancakes, Nami asks me a personal question.

"Do you have a girlfriend back in the human world?"

I don't, & that's due to my lack of confidence. Or is it that I'm no good with girls. "Uh, no, I don't." I awkwardly pick my fork on my empty plate. I don't understand why she would ask me that anyway. It would be nice to have a girlfriend... Ack! The aftertaste is horrible. "Have you noticed how weird the food taste today?" I ask Nami. "I mean, you Youkai probably have that usual taste, but I guess it's different for me." I scratch my head, looking at my plate. Blegh, I need to wash this out soon.

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