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    Originally Posted by Lucario505 View Post
    Quick questions:
    Is there a secret passage way in this Wasteland to get to the other side where that rock is in that one small building near the train? I've already tried looking for it outside the city near it.(slums, alley, and other entrance to underground).
    where the rock is in that one small building near the train
    dear god i actually have no idea where you're talking about
    WAIT do you mean the Wasteland Wall?
    Hm, well, there IS another entrance from the Wasteland itself... Yeah, you should definitely look around some more. C:
    Why do I get the feeling there's a Garbodor strapped to one of the machines in this Wasteland?
    That would totally make sense
    But not this time.
    That said, there is something like that in the depths of the waste...
    Will the problems around Reborn ever be fixed or are they remain to add more to plot/scene of the story?(toxic water, fissures, the trash land, etc.) Idk, something to show progression, admittedly the heroes are on a losing streak right now.
    Who knows?
    me, i know, but im not telling, muahahaha
    *Suggestion- Florina stuff
    Don't worry, I've got everything all worked out already~

    Originally Posted by hanabluebird View Post
    I'm not sure if this had been brought up before but when in the department store, if you go higher then the fourth floor, the floors will have weather effects in each one and will only sell super potion, great ball, etc then crash. When trying to get to the first floor to escape the madness, it sends you back into the elevator and you can't ever leave x x

    Assistance please?
    Are you using the newest episode? that was definitely an issue in episode 6, but it's something I checked that I specifically fixed in last week's release...

    Originally Posted by Lopnis View Post
    This all looks very interesting I'm going to try what you have thus far but I had a question what do you mean by 17 Type gyms does that mean I can pick and choose which 8 gyms of the 17 I could go in the final realease to or that the story involves beating 17 gyms in whole?
    All 17 type gyms are part of the story. c: We're in for a long ride.
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