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    Originally Posted by AzaleaLightning View Post
    I'm back! I'm sorry I forgot to announce my absence, I've been in New Jersey the past week cx

    Roen, I definitely recommend that you give A New Beginning for the 3DS a shot when you get the chance, it's really different from Another Wonderful Life and any of the GameBoy games; it's so unique and fun, you can customize your entire character, farm, village, etc! I added you to the member list as well!

    Isamu, I've heard of those weird dreams! I think I got one or two but I never got that one, that sounds a little creepy o_o

    So, the Gourmet is just all of the Harvest Sprites combined together? XD

    Also, we now have 15 members, that makes me so happy ;o;
    I'm near the end of Summer on the first year and I'm really liking it so far though the speed and manner in which the main character can build houses and other building is interesting to say the least.

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