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Kilik Chambers - Cafeteria->Practical Battling

Roxas's response to Kilik's question seems like a common answer. Right now, he can't tell whether Roxas is lying or not. This one can hide his expressions well. Perhaps further testing is needed to confirm if Roxas is part of Team Rocket or not.

Just then, someone asks if they could sit at their table. Hasn't Kilik seen this girl before? Maybe from a previous class. But anyway, Roxas lets her sit down, which is when he asks Kilik the same question. "Got a letter about the academy just after I was about to depart on my journey. Nothing else." Wow. That was a lame story, not the Kilik cares.

Kilik was pretty aware of the Pikachu coming out of Roxas's Pokeballs, then running off. Most people would find that funny, except Kilik didn't get it. "Did your Pikachu find something interesting?" he asks, not intending for it to be a joke. Not even a chuckle came out. Pikachu came back with a few sandwiches. Pikachu's are likable & common in a few areas in Kanto. Another Pokemon to consider in Kilik's team.

Perhaps it was best to find out anything from Roxas later. Classes were already starting anyway. He'll just leave the Entei Dorm girl, Kilik could tell from her red jacket on her arm, at Roxas's mercy. Did that come out right? He stood up from his seat as he grabs his plate, looking at both Roxas & the girl, "Well, I have class to get to now. Later," he bids them farewell, throwing his trash away & walking out of the cafeteria. It was time for class now. So, where was his class again?

"I think it was Practical Battling," Kilik spoke quietly, thinking. He looked around for his class, soon finding it a little later. Once he stepped inside, he already saw the teacher starting class. This was new to Kilik. A class that might actually help him hone his skills, & he's late. Late being the new thing. "Sorry I'm late. It's so unlike me to be late for class." Those words were basically directed towards the teacher, who Kilik specified easily. He looked at the class, & Valorie was in here too. The other classmates were unknown to him. First thing's first, the goal for today's class.

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