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Heh, I like the CoD reference.

But no seriously, if you ask me this is all just way too overrated. I mean, the North Koreans have threatened to attack the US how many times now? Yeah. I'm sure that they want to, I really am, but let's face the facts here, no one is that suicidal. First it was a threat to fire a nuclear missile in which case we can all agree that if and when nuclear war breaks out, there is no doubt that the US can level North Korea within a day by measure of possibility and a week by measure of opportunity and otherwise practicality. So the standing point here is that I seriously doubt any nuclear missiles are gonna be flying anywhere any time soon.

On the topic of military war, well I just have to point out that threats remain threats until they're pulled through. And as such, I very much doubt that anything will happen. Can it happen? Yes, definitely. Do people, and in particular North Koreans, want it to happen? Again, yes. But will it happen is the real question here and its something I'd really not give too much credibility to considering, well, no one in their right mind would think a war with the US could possibly go anywhere good for anyone.
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