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    Pokemon Johto Journeys - Dreams and Nightmares

    Johto, the eternal land. Situated west of Kanto and south of Sinnoh, the region boasts the remains of the most ancient civilazation and secrets, if revealed, would change the history of the world forever.


    The vision fades to 15 years ago. . . A boy leaves New Bark Town on an errand for Professor Elm . A red-haired boy steals one of Elm's three Pokémon, and challenges him as the boy's journey across Johto continues. A revived Team Rocket from Kanto, using plans formulated three years prior, enrages many Gyarados, including a red one, at the Lake of Rage; they then proceed to take over the Goldenrod Radio Tower in a desperate attempt to contact Giovanni. When they are defeated and Giovanni fails to return due to Celebi's intervention, the interim leader, Archer vows to never again re-form Team Rocket. The boy continues to gather Johto's Badges, eventually gaining all eight and traveling to the Pokémon League at Indigo Plateau in Kanto, later to defeat the current Champion and get into the Hall of Fame.
    But his most notable effect on Johto lies in his ability to encounter all three of the legendary beasts , as well as summon the Unown, Lugia and Ho-Oh after their long absence. A new chapter in the region's history begins. . . .

    15 years have passed. The boy, or as his name was in the Hall of Fame, Ethan, helped the Pokémon Rangers and Professors to bring peace and tranquillity to Johto and revive and revitalise the region. Under his efforts and guidance, pokemon from other regions were bred and released into the wild. Foundations of a Safari Zone, Observatory, Museum, etc were made and trade flourished. Johto was booming. Seeing his dream come true, he left for Mt. Silver to face the Greatest Trainer of All Time, Red, but was never heard from again.. Not in 5 years. . . . .

    In the meanwhile, one young man watched over the world. His name was Ayleth... Most importantly, he was the son of Giovanni and the younger brother of Silver. Mad at his father's disappearance, mad at Archer's betrayal, mad at the worthlessness of Team Rocket, the silent warrior left off with a few loyal Rockets, ones that would lay down their life for him. Hiding from the world and other Rockets, they and their pokemon began the unimaginable training and technological advancement....

    Of course Johto was too busy with itself.

    From the ashes of Team Rocket.. Rose the unbeatable Team Neo. Led by the vengeful Ayleth... They are waiting for the perfect moment to strike at the heart of Johto.. And claim what is rightfully theirs. Can anybody stop this madness? Or will Johto burn in the fires of rage? Will Ethan ever return? The Nights begin...


    Professor Elm, widely known for his vast knowledge of pokemon and compassion, has played a significant part in Johto's development. After getting to know about Team Neo and the re-emergence of Team Rocket, he is calling ten persons from all around the region and beyond who he believes have great potential to become a successful Pokémon trainer. He gives these young people a Pokemon to care for and raise, as well as a Pokedex which they may fill and ten Pokeballs to catch wild Pokemon with.
    You are one of the ten trainers selected by Professor Elm, and have made your way to New Bark Town to thank the Professor as well as receive your very own partner Pokémon along with a state of the art Pokédex! You then begin your journey around the region of Johto, visiting all areas within the region on your way to obtaining all eight badges and competing in the annual Pokemon League! On your journey you may meet up with, and even travel with your fellow players, encounter some very powerful trainers, and also fight against some Team Neo and Team Rocket Grunts. But be careful when facing Team Neo, they rarely use Pokemon, instead, they use some powerful weapons that may take your precious partner's lives if you're not careful! They've taken enough Pokemon lives already, someone's got to put a stop on them!


    Prof. Elm has decided to let his chosen trainers a pokémon partner of their choice. All the pokémon were bred at the lab with utmost care and love, so even trainers that have no experience would have no problem with them. He is offering the following pokemon:


    §1. Standard PC rules apply.

    §2. This RP is rated M for mature. There would be blood, love, some gore and may be death. Keep sexual stuff to a minimum or you would be KICKED OUT of the RP.

    §3. No Godmodding or Bunnying allowed. You can't hit everything and dodge everything.

    §4. You control only your character and any NPC you create.

    §5. Be practical. If there is a pokémon with 1% chance of appearing, you can't meet it on every post.

    §6. Remember Quality>Quantity. Your post should be atleast an hundred words big.

    §7. If you want to capture a pokémon, keep the ball rocking at the end of the post. The GM (and Random Number God) will decide your luck.

    §8. Put "I likez Mudkipz" in your SU to let me know you went through all of this.

    §9. When you reach the end of a chapter, wait for the GM to start a new one.

    §10. When you battle with a pokemon, don't give it any moves it cannot have at that level. For moves at certain level, refer to Bulbapedia.

    §11. The GM decision is final.

    Sign-Up Form

    Name: (full name here)

    Sex: (do I need to explain) Male/Female

    Age: (no kids. If you want an older charry, PM me) 13-19 yrs

    Appearance: A picture (don't show someone extremely cool, seriously) and at least 10 sentences or more/ at least 15 lines.

    Personality: (how is your charry, his behavior, etc. Uncommon characters are welcome) At least 10 sentences or more.

    Background/History: (Where did he/she grew up, how was his/her childhood, why is Prof. Elm trusting him with a pokemon, etc) At least a paragraph of 15-20 lines


    This RP wouldn't have been possible without the help of Vato and Gimmepie. Thank you very much guys :D.

    Accepted Characters

    • Aero Hale (played by Oshy)
    • Mari Zawadzka (played by Darkhaven3)
    • Faris Miller (played by Geras32)
    • Kiba Kurokokoro (played by WolfOfEve)
    • Xavier 'X' Sagan (played by Mr. Cranium)
    • Avril McDougall (played by Midnight-Umbreon)
    • Flint McLaren (played by Kanea)
    • Joseph 'Jokin' Kindt (played by ORegan)
    • Edward 'Eddie' Dogwood (played by Flyborg)
    • Melody Crawford (played by PsychoJigglypuff)

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