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    Rosalyn Smith

    "Of course! The more the merrier." the blonde boy answered her request to join them cheerfully, and Rosalyn smiled happily as she took a seat next to the boy with black hair.

    "Thanks" she said happily starting to eat her meal with one hand as she pulled out her sketchbook and a pencil working on finishing the shading of the picture of Eris while said Pokemon curled up on her lap. She knew the boys were in the middle of a conversation about how they got to the academy. But she didn't want to interrupt again. The black haired boy, who looked familiar though she couldn't name him stood and said something about class and left making her frown. She knew what her first class was with her brother and she had no intention of going to it.

    "I'm Rosalyn by the way" she said not looking up from her sketch but she knew the blonde boy and his Pikachu were still there. Eris upon seeing the other Pokemon hopped onto the table her tail wagging as she yipped happily. "what class do you have today? I'm skipping mine"

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