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    Rick smiled a little as the shroomish went inside the Pokeball, thankful that this whole event was not all for loss. Just as he put Shroomish on his side, he realized that he had neglected to name the little guy, just as he never named Slugma. But while Slugma was a gift, given to him by the renown Proffessor Birch, Shroomish had been earned. He had fought tooth and nail alongside his Pokemon to defeat the enemy and earn this little guy as a member of his party. He needed a name, something that signified his worth and his appreciation to his efforts in catching him.

    "I'll call you McGuffin." He then heard a grown, followed by Carol asking what the name meant. She must have just woken up, her head still severely sore from the fall she had taken a few minutes before. "It's a term used to define an object or person in fiction specifically made to progress the plot of the story. This shall mark a chapter in my life, with this little guy as the centerfold of it all." "Eh, I don't read much of that fancy literature. Can you stand?" "Somewhat, hope you don't mind carrying me for a little while. we need to leave this forest before anything else tries to kill us." "You can use my shoulder, here."

    After that, the two of them made their way out of the forest in just a few hours, the sun signaling that it was the evening. They had another hour of trekking through the park before they made their way to Rustboro, staring in horror at the desolation before them. Rick had spent the last eight years here, so this place was like a second him to him, which made him very angry to see it destroyed. The people here had been nice and friendly, giving great hospitality to passerby's without expecting anything in return. The only people that would case such destruction would be Team Gaia, a group that was seriously getting on Rick's nerves.

    Making his way through the rubble, Rick spotted a young girl surrounded by a group of injured citizens. Most likely she had rescued them and that deserved thanks, so he let go of Carol and made his way over. As he got closer though he instantly noticed the blades and metal forming from her skin like armor. Only this armor didn't look like it came off, it looked like it was her very living being. The form he recognized as that of a Bisharp, a Pokemon of the Unova region. But this girl wasn't just a Bisharp, she was also a human.

    Rick's mind flashed to hearing what Birch had told him about the Burst Heart, and how it let the user fuse with a Pokemon. The process was supposed to be incredibly painful and dangerous, so why has a girl, much younger than he, able to handle the process and use a Burst Heart. "Excuse me, young lady? My name is Rick Cache. As a fellow Rustboro citizen I would like to thank you for taking care of my home. thank you very much."

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