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    Originally Posted by AXELXu7 View Post
    What if Team Rocket used Impostor Gym leaders? And once you beat them, you get to the Rocket base underground.
    Honestly, I think the whole plot would be much better if you start off being given a Pokemon as a starter, going along your way, beginning the life of a trainer. You can have it become a news type of deal, that Giovanni had begun to help the world out with his money and influence, being helpful rather than the leader of an organization set with goals of taking the world over - For some time he's disappeared from the eyes of the world, when in reality he was kidnapped. Get the main character involved after trainers have their Pokemon stolen, even have trainers he/she meets along the way looking to help get back stolen Pokemon and supplies from stores that were robbed by Team Rocket members. The main character goes along, helping to find the bases and get inside them, to free the stolen Pokemon and take back the supplies that were stolen.

    Along the way the trainer ends up hearing rumors that Giovanni was kidnapped, that he didn't just disappear. Eventually the player finds out this is true after reading something like a letter on a desk in one of the bases, with a return address to a city a bit far away. The main character goes there, meeting up with some trainers he/she has met that helped with the first place, if you put it in, and they go in to figure out what they can find. Team Rocket knows of them and locks the building down, making them have to go through and find another way to escape. They find more information, one of them taking it off a computer in an office, and they leave through some way they just happen to find or an exit they make.(Have a barracks room the player can rest in to heal Pokemon up, if needed)

    Do stuff like this that gives them reason to go and get involved, and you've got your whole reason for a plot to save Giovanni. The police could be paid off by members of Team Rocket, to not do anything or little to no work in doing anything further than saying "We're looking into it, investigations are underway, etc etc".

    But if you really want gyms to be headed by impostor leaders, that's up to you. I see little point as to why that'd be the case as they give up money, a badge, and if they were to steal Pokemon the Pokemon League would be all over them as soon as complaints came in. I'd assume such, anyway.
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