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    I've been working on a hack for a good three months now. Going slowly, but I want to make sure it is good before I start releasing most information out to these sites. Well, the first few things I decided to release were pictures of the starters, and put up a poll to see who people would choose.

    The world is collapsing around you.
    You are the only one that seems unable to fall to the Power.
    However it will stop at nothing until it kills you.
    Your brother offers you one of these three starters.
    Choose one.
    It will help you to safety, and help guide you to your destiny.

    Here are the current sprites for the starters. Though they are not finished, this is a rough idea of what they'll look like in the game.

    Just one little detail about this is this hack won't be a typical journey where you receive your Pokemon from a professor. In this game you will receive your first Pokemon from the player's in-game brother and then you are sent to 'safety'. I can't say much else besides what I have already given otherwise I'd give away more than I planned to.

    So, who would you choose if you decide to play the game?

    Note: One of my earlier Fakemon Dexes from the past (this one: will actually have some Pokemon coming over to this hack, so stay tuned.

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