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    Rick smiled as he watched her fidget and wonder what to talk about. It was cute, as quirky. "I don't actually have a reason besides the fact that they need to be stopped. I'm not a morally superior person. I don't like a lot of people. so for all I care, a lot of the people here can do whatever they want to. But I spent eight years here, so I have an attachment. My real focus as of now is mostly about the Burst Hearts. My brother saw fit to get killed trying to get me one of these, so I'm trying to keep his death not in vain. I'm an intellectual. a scholar. I never cared for battling, though I do participate." This was were most became distant with Rick as it seemed. Most people seemed to take offense to his apathetic ways. Sure he wanted revenge, but he truly just wants to make sure his brother's death wasn't in vain. If he needs to destroy Team Gaia because they are wrong and evil people, so be it, but it isn't the most important thing to him.

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