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    ∣ PROJECT: Eris
    Rustboro Ruins

    Chapter One: Part Seven
    Ashes of Beauty

    "Mm," she replied quietly, her deep amber eyes glittered softly in the reflection of the night time sky. "I'll accompany you then, as long as we stop in each town and take in the sights." She pulled herself up further onto the rubble, pulling her legs up closer and resting her head atop her knees, her arms wrapped snugly around both legs. "I am supposed to be Gaia's secret weapon... But I hated training, and practicing, I hated being told what to do. I just wanted to go outside and see all of the beautiful things the world had outside of that cramped lab." She swallowed to clear her throat, closing her eyes for a few seconds again. She exhaled and spoke quietly, "my father did this to me..."

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