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Sara and Flower Girl Selena
"I don't want to see a nurse." Sara spat, holding her hands spread out and still, "I'm fine." Her hands had glass, dirt, and various cuts.

"But--" Selena said.

"No, get the rubbing alcohol out of my bag, we can pick the glass out." Sara commanded. Selena nodded. She pulled out a small first aid kit Sara's mother had slipped in her bag before she left. "I told her I didn't need it..." Sara said sadly, "But she said take it anyways." Selena smiled and nodded. She pulled out a vial of rubbing alcohol.

"Do we take the glass out first?" Sara nodded. The sky was blocked by debris, clearing up. "This is going to hurt a bit." Selena said. Sara already knew, it was a common thing to need rubbing alcohol. "The sky is clearing and it looks nice." She tried to make small talk to Sara as she pulled shards of glass out from Sara's hands. Sara teared up and winced. The ordeal was painful for her. After what seemed like hours for Sara, Selena asked for the other hand and continued.

"Y-yea, real nice sky." Sara wondered if her mother was looking at it.

Selena finished and sighed, "There, now we just have to deal with the cuts." She took her water flask and used it to clean the dirt and blood from both hands. It stung a bit, but Sara was worried more about the next part. "Uh, close your eyes..." Selena thought it would be worse if she saw it coming. Sara did so, and Selena quickly drenched both hands with the alcohol. Sara jerked her hands back, yelling in pain. "Hey, its ok, it helps."

"I-I know" Sara said, sounding like she was about to cry, "J-just finish..." She held her trembling hands out. Selena gently rubbed a cloth on the wound, spreading the alcohol. Then very carefully wrapped the palm with gaus in the kit. It covered most of the wound.

"How does it feel?"

"Stings like crazy..." Sara mumbled, "Thanks." Selena just smiled and nodded.

They both looked around, "We can still turn around you know."

"If you mean toward Rusturf Tunnel, then yes we can turn now."

"I figured as much." Selena said. "Well lets go, maybe we can help others on the way?" There was no answer, so Selena assumed it was a yes.
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