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SCYKE ICK - Route 104/Petalburg Woods

"Why won't you give up?!" cried Scyke, dashing helplessly towards unknown directions with twenty pissed Tailows behind him giving chase. Every few seconds they creeped closer and closer towards Scyke until one managed to peck Scyke's shoulder.

"Oww! Hey, that hu-" BANG!

Scyke crashed backwards into a patch of grass, his fingers and eyes twitching madly and a huge rectangular dent on his face. The flock of Taillows that had been pursuing Scyke came to an abrupt stop when their target had face-planted onto a tree. Confused on what to do with the body, all the
dark blue birds flew away back to their base, leaving Scyke alone in pain and dismay. After around fifteen minutes the teen picked himself up, clutching his forehead.

"Urgh... where am I?" Slowly rising to his feet, Scyke looked around his surroundings, unsure about the sudden darkness and increase in number of trees. He took a town map out of his bag and stretched it open to get a better judgement on where he was. "If this is right, then I must be in... Petalburg Woods?" Closing the map, Scyke stroked his face a little in pain before bringing out Zap outside his Pokeball. The Pikachu came out and quickly climbed onto Scyke shoulder, all in whilst crying out a cute cry. "I feel a lot safer with you out here you know, Zap. Ok, let's make it through this forest then." With a fresh burst of determination, Scyke started walking through Petalburg Woods, not sure where he was going as there was no clear path at all.


After an hour or so, Scyke was ready to rip his hair out. He had no idea where he was heading, and after that fail earlier his head hurt like hell. The sky was pitch dark too; twilight had struck and gone without Scyke noticing at all. Zap sighed and his belly moaned. Both trainer and Pokemon were hungry, and Scyke was sure Snowy wouldn't mind some food too. "Aight, we'll make camp here... hopefully there isn't like a Usaring or something lurking somewhere." An awkward little laugh later, Scyke found a clear patch of grass and then settled down, bringing out a tub of Pokemon food and a sandwich or himself. "Urgh, it sucks that I can't cook at all; this way I'll have to live off sandwiches. I could do with some fried Magikarp right now..." Scyke let Snowy out of it's Pokeball and all three of them started stuffing their faces with food. None had eaten since Oldale Town, and Zap and Snowy were knackered after some encounters with wild Pokemon on the way.

After finishing what was planned as dinner, Scyke brought out a sleeping bag and crawled into it. He was annoyed that everything had to be done in the dark, but since Scyke had lived all his life in Lilycove City he had no kind of outdoor training such as making a basic fire. Both Zap and Snover also finished their meals and lied down close to Scyke, satisfied and ready to sleep. Just when Scyke was about to snooze however, a little green bug twitched on his nose. Lazily opening one eye, Scyke eyed what was annoying him in this time of night. Before he could see it however, his face suddenly was covered with a web-like thing and Scyke started panicking on what the hell just happened. Being constrained by the sleeping bag, Scyke just about managed to burst free out of his "bed" and ripped the cobweb out of his face. In-front of him was a green bug, with huge eyes and a pink antenna-like thing stuck on it's forehead. Scyke brought out his Pokedex out of his backpack and pointed it towards the wild Pokemon.

"So it's a Caterpie, eh? A Bug type Pokemon. Well, that didn't help that much," sighed Scyke, closing the little encyclopedia and putting it away, "I guess we'll just have to battle you then. Zap, I choose you! Thundershock!" Zap blinked in surprise by the command from his trainer; wasn't everyone asleep just a minute ago? The electric mouse jumped up and found his opponent, before glowing yellow and then releasing a yellow lightning bolt out of his body towards the Caterpie, who was shocked before and after the attack landed on it. It was only curious on what the strange thing was and had only let out a String Shot towards the human because it was frightened but now it was battling? It had only recently came out of an egg, and was just a little lost in the darkness of the woods. Mama Butterfree wasn't going to be happy if she saw what was happening.

The Caterpie absorbed the Thundershock well and stood firm, although it had taken quite a bit of damage from it. It then charged towards Zap, who then bounced pack after a Tackle from Caterpie. "Zap, don't let this little thing defeat you! Thundershock, again!" Zap quickly recovered from the Tackle and then rose up to strike another bolt of electricity towards the wile Caterpie, which was now literally fried. Scyke hastily searched for an empty Pokeball in one of the pockets of his bag and threw it towards the Caterpie.

"Pokeball, GO!"

The Pokeball flew and took in the wild Caterpie, and started to wobble right away. Scyke fixed his eyes on the shaking sphere, hoping that he had made two catches in one day. Had he?
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