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    My hunts tend to alter a lot, but I think I've finally found a group of hunts I'm enjoying. Most of my favourite shinies are bug Pokemon, so I'm working on collecting them. I'm currently rotating between masuda/shiny charm for Burmy in black 2, in the hopes of getting a male one to evolve into Mothim. Currently hatched 31 eggs. I'm also rotating between hunting for bugs in Pattern Bush in Leafgreen, soft reseting for Pinsir at the game corner, and hunting for Yanma in Ruin Valley.

    I actually don't really like doing Masuda method since it feels cheap, but in the case of Burmy I'm okay with it since Burmy is hard to find in the wild, AND I need it to be a specific gender to get the shiny I want. Not sure if getting the Mothim would count towards the yearly quest since I'm stacking Masuda with Shiny charm. (though it overall doesn't make THAT huge of a difference compared to regular masuda)

    Seems odd that they made shiny Mothim so cool, but made shiny burmy and Wormadam so incredibly lame. : (

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