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    Originally Posted by Golden Warrior View Post
    Hrm. I phrased my questions wrong it seems, let me try again.

    Where can I find the Team Aqua pre-battle logo that shows up? I can't find it in UNZL.GBA so I can assume it's in Tile Molester.

    Professor Birch isn't in UNZL.GBA either, so where can I find him in Tile Molester?

    Again, both for Sapphire, thanks in advance.
    I don't know about the Team Aqua Logo but you know NSE 2.X? If not Google it.
    Prof. Birch Sprite in Ruby is 39DA00 just uncheck "LZ77 Compressed" checkbox in the NAVIGATE Section. I think it is the same with Sapphire but, why hack Sapphire? There are so lot of resources for Ruby and opposite for Sapphire.