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    KriegStein reccomended that I watch The Count of Monte Cristo: Gankutsuou. I am really surprised with this anime.

    It really is eye candy. Everything you see is a texture; hair isn't just one color, it's an actual texture! Everything is just so real! Elaborate designs on teacups, and there's a flying saucer that is made out of some type of metal where you can actually see reflections in it. Everything visual is amazing. Here is a picture I snapped of a hobo dancing during Carnival:

    Can't you just see how colorful it is?

    Oh, and the voice actors are just amazing. One character is very, somewhat, seductive. And her voice actor did a great portraying just that! Oh! And whoever plays the voice of The Count is simply amazing. It's all just so real.

    The plot is really amazing, too. It really keeps you on the edge of your set and shows you the real bond between two friends. Besides, every episode literally is a cliff hanger!
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