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    Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
    Spherical Ice:
    Okay, so I know that you have to set the fourth byte of the Pokémon's PID to 0xFE to make it female. I have no idea what I do with this information D:

    I still don't understand ASM despite the tutorials I've read.
    Well, the decryption routine and the encryption routine will recalculate the checksum, so if we use those and then in between them, we change the last (first? Reverse hex, or is it already reverse? IDK) byte to 0xFE, it should work.

    To accomplish this, you would just load the offset of the byte you want to change into r0 and then 0xFE into r1 and then strb r1, [r0]. Fairly simple, if you understand it.:p Hit me up on MSN sometime and I might be able to help you understand it better.

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