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    Originally Posted by Crykura View Post
    Well when I enter a warp that goes to a new warp that I set up the screen goes black but when i point the warp to one pre made it works.
    There is a good chance you map is corrupted. Try inserting it into another map bank/slot and then try again.

    Originally Posted by U_Flame View Post
    All right, here's the patch for my hack of Pokemon Sapphire, the one with the customizable basement. As you can see, I've also been busy with other (un)finished maps before I'm going to start scripting, so bear with the weirdness in the beginning. Just go with it 'till you're free to roam. You'll want to use the decoration cheats here:
    I was planning on just using my save file:p. Either way, I will try and give it a look right now.

    Edit: So, I am playing with this and I have no idea what it wrong. My best guess, since no matter how much I play with the tiles, is that you forced a secret base open and you are missing the command which allows decorations that use tiles. What I mean, is when I changed the outside staircase, not the one in the basement, into the secret base hole thing that you use secret power on, and then I pack up the base, it doesn't close. I can still enter the base as if I made one, even after I packed it up. I believe it is the initial script which opens the base in the first place that is preventing the decorations from being placed properly.

    Edit2: the script which opens a secret base in Sapphire is located at 0x1A2BE1. It uses a lot of specials which we have no clue what they do. Take a look at it.

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