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Originally Posted by PEDRO12 View Post

Credits: Shawn-Forest for the tiles. [Link]
This isn't any particular map, just something I felt like putting together ;;
I think the problem with this map is the empty space takes up way too much of it - especially when you consider there is no wild grass at all (is it a town or a trainer route?).

The way you have used rocks as decoration, probably to make it look less empty, looks quite messy. Personally, I think rocks should stick closer to the mountains and avoid interrupting paths. Speaking of which, the green-grass path looks bad. Too big, and the tile itself isn't my favourite either, don't be afraid of doing 2-tile paths rather than three.

  • Use trees more to define the route the player should take.
  • (If this is a route) provide 'pools' of grass to the side of the path.
  • Beware of border issues when you're mapping for real.