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    Originally Posted by PEDRO12 View Post

    Credits: Shawn-Forest for the tiles. [Link]
    This isn't any particular map, just something I felt like putting together ;;
    Personally I do not like the layout of the random rocks, the dirt path alone has enough character to carry the map, although there are major "odd" spots in the dirt path. like near the lower right house where the dirt surrounds one spot of grass on 3 sides, then does it again... just a little "funny" (not funny ha ha)
    to me it looks like aroute and needs some tall grass, it would be quite good with some tall grass around... I like your mountians, they are quite natural... i give it a 6/10... not alot of work is needed to make it really good.


    well I wanna yammer a bit on here... so enjoy reading

    first off I know my mapping skills completely blow... hard... so I figured I would have some of my original maps critiqued so maybe next time I make a hack it will look better

    I will post some of my "better" maps (i have a few truly horrid maps I put in my last hack) and I will be explaining a bit about them so you can partially understand why some elements are in them... these 2 maps were made after looking and reading quite a bit of the comments in this thread... (trying not to make the same mistakes as others)

    [NOTE: these maps have been edited in paint to be used in my players guide, ignore the obvious edits]

    first up is my favorite original map...

    Map Name: Guardian Meadow
    Hack Name: Pokemon - Ultra Violet Version
    Game Base: Fire Red

    this is a post E4 map, you are going to get latias, you start at the little building (coming out of an underground path) and head south, (you can see latias to the east) and you must surf, the rocks guide the player south into the grassy area, but if they navigate the rocks they can go east and avoid the grass (staying in the water longer tho). either way they must continue east off the map onto another map (not shown) that simply makes a U turn back onto the map... this was done because of spriting issues (the 2 sprites, latios and latias could not be on the same map without messing up eachother). once you have made it back onto the mian map you fight latias, if you catch her and try to leave, latios will fight you (only if you caught latias) while you are on the second little "Uturn" map...

    Next up

    Map Name: Haunted Forest
    Hack Name: Pokemon - Ultra Violet Version
    Game Base: Fire Red

    its a smiple twisty path that forces the player through alot of grass to fight ghost and dark type pokemon... the point is to simply head north out of the forest (or south on the return trip) to the north is a unique event and to the south is more forest (not haunted) and the southern forest is one of those HORRID maps I mentioned earlier... this map, however, is filled with a thick fog... fyi...