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    Fraya entered the Wandering Thread carefully. What was this, exactly? She decided to find out by checking previous posts and took some enjoyment in how random everything seemed to be when, in fact, every single post had made sense at some point in time.

    She took a few moments to try to guess where the wandering thread had been in it's many days since creation and failed miserably, as she is only a PC newbie. Even still, she thought contributing to such a quirky thread was a good use of her time as a lurker.

    She is a lurker no more.

    EDIT: Upon posting her RE:, she is filled with disdain to see that she had been assigned to the pokemon Diglett; she hates digletts. So much so that she found it pertinant to edit aforementioned RE: to say so. Beyond Voltorb/Electrode, diglett it is the least creative and most lazy design in the history of Pokemon ever.
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